To the one who has a hard time with preservation


The preservation paulownia box

Production made of the total paulownia for the usa of preservation the paulownia box yes is whether.
It is the size that the ukiyoe print, new print etc.
Putting it to the prints it enters soon the one hundred point.
It is said that the paulownia do not allow to come near the worm from the old days.

It is the goods that caused it especially made for the use of prints the ukiyoe in our shop.
It is the hit merchandise that is selling 200 or more pieces up to now.
I am receiving popularity very much from the customer.

保存箱1 (7083 バイト) 保存箱2 (6978 バイト) 保存箱3 (6750 バイト)


Print holder

The color exists 3 colors of dark blue, vermilion, light brown.
It is becoming the size that enters to the Modern print.
Making it 1 bunch it enters about 50 sheets.

Holder1 (6168 バイト) Holder2 (6193 バイト) Holder3 (6064 バイト)


Japanese paper

This Japanese paper makes especially firmly, to insert the print.
Even if it inserts and has the print in Japanese paper being able to depend it does not turn.

Once the Japanese paper of our shop uses it goodness understands.

hosho (4480 バイト)


Various consultation is being received to respond to the request of the customer,
besides the work is sold in our shop.